Town Green Application

We have applied to the Commons Registration authority (Bristol City Council) to have Colston’s Field registered as a Town Green. If successful, this would safeguard the site as a green open space with public access and prevent any future development.

In order to support this application, we need as many people as possible to provide supporting evidence. This FAQ’s sheet will explain the background. If you have ever used the field for any lawful pastime or recreation, please complete our Questionnaire and return to PFVAS Town Green Application c/o 4 Welsford Avenue, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1BW. (Ignore the closing date at the end of the form – there’s still time to submit!).

Sorry, but the questionnaire cannot be filled in online and so needs to be printed, completed by hand, then signed and dated. It can either be posted, hand delivered or scanned and emailed to us .

You can also use this email address to contact us with any questions you might have: we can’t ‘coach’ you in giving evidence but we’ll try to clarify and explain where possible. We first submitted our application back in March 2015, and it has been accepted as valid. A number of people provided statements for the application at that time, and we’re very grateful to you all. Whether you were one of them or not, please fill in and return a questionnaire – all evidence will be gratefully received. Most of the questions are self-explanatory, but a few might benefit from a little explanation – this example might help: Questionnaire Guide The landowners are, not unsurprisingly, resisting our application and have submitted a Statement of Objection. Reading this might be helpful before you complete our questionnaire. The law says that land can be registered as a Town or Village Green if:

    • a significant number of local people have used the land for lawful sports and pastimes (basically anything that’s not illegal and can include all the things you might do in a public park) and
    • this has been going on over a period of at least 20 years, and continued at the time of the application (early March 2015), and
    • that access has not been forced or in secret, and
    • that no formal permission has ever been granted (so the use as been ‘as of right’, and not ‘by right’).

This Community Association is a member of the Open Spaces Society, whose website holds a wealth of information about Town and Village Greens.

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