Public Exhibition at Colston’s School

At the ‘exhibition’ on Wednesday we learned that test drilling was planned as part of the geological survey required for the planning application. Given what we believe to be the case regarding the badger sett, I emailed the PR consultant and school Marketing Manager to inform them that we believed an offence may have been committed, and that any further works would require a licence. Any such licence is unlikely to be granted until the end of the breeding season in June.
The developers stated that their ecological assessment concluded the sett was not active and may be a fox den. This morning we have learned, thanks to Beryl, that grounds staff have been under instruction to maintain an exclusion zone around it when working in the area. I will leave it to you all to draw your own conclusions as to the degree to which we can trust anything the developers say. I attach a copy of the email I sent and the response.

Badger email

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