Planning Objection Guidance & Reference Documents

aerial view of siteThe simplest way to make your objection is online at Bristol City Council’s online planning facility (this link takes you directly to the on-line application page where you simply select the ‘Comments’ tab, post your objection in the box provided and click ‘submit’).

But please  don’t just re-iterate all the comments you may have made previously: simply state that your objection remains to any development in principle and then focus any comments on the new plans or arguments set out in the ‘Landscape & Visual Matters’ document as posted on the Home Page.

The deadline for completely new objections has passed and we don’t want to over-burden the case officer who now has to write a detailed report to the planning committee, but if you’ve already objected then by all means respond to the revised plans by submitting another objection on the lines advised above – you have until August 24th but the sooner you submit the better.

To avoid timing out, you are advised to write your objection in Word and then copy and paste it online. Your objection(s) must relate to planning matters: you cannot object on personal grounds such as your view will be spoilt, or your property devalued. However, that is not to say you can’t give a personal opinion, or describe your feelings when addressing issues such as the visual impact the development might have on the landscape.

Please also sign our petition calling on Bristol City Council to publically stengthen its planning policies to prioritise brownfield sites for development.

As a reminder, we had previously identified the main Planning Policy provisions that we believe apply to this application and summarised them in these three guides, each addressing a key theme.

Your objection can be based on a single topic or a range – but it will help to quote the specific policies that apply. Please put these points into your own words so far as possible – if a number of objections are lodged containing identical wording they may end up being counted as a single objection. Remember – quoting the policy references strengthens your objection.

Objection Guide 1 – Open Space and Historic Landscape

This Heritage Information Leaflet will help explain why we believe this landscape and the setting of the Park to be so important

Objection Guide 2 – Wildlife

This Wildlife Information Leaflet will help explain why believe the site is so important as a wildlife habitat

Objection Guide 3 – Flooding

Bristol City Council has published some guidance documents to help anyone wishing to object to a planning objection. The first is a short guide called ‘Planning Applications: Your Chance to Have Your Say’. For those wishing to take a more in-depth view, the document ‘A guide to planning legislation and practice – How to get involved in planning decisions’ will be of interest. Other supporting documents that you might find useful include:

  • the Bird List kept by a local resident whose garden adjoins the proposed development site, and which catalogues the species observed.
  • the BRERC Record ST 6175 – Species List, taken from the Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre, the central repository for biodiversity and geodiversity data for the area. The list records all species observed in square number 6175 – the 1 sq kilometre with this proposed development site at its centre.
  • Guidelines for Pre application involvement – update Jan 2015: this document sets out the process of community consultation the City Council expects the developers to follow. If they fail do so, we can argue that the proper planning process has not been followed.
  • You can object in writing to  Development Management, Brunel House, 2nd Floor, Bazaar Wing, Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176, Bristol, BS3 9FS, in which case you must include the planning application number at the start so that your objection can be attached to the correct application, you must provide your name and address, and it must be dated and signed. All this is done automatically if you use the on-line facility.

Please also sign our petition at

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