Is the badger sett active?

We have had an expert come and look at the badger sett in the Field, and although he can’t be 100% certain he believes it is active and has reported the disturbance to Natural England, as the Regulatory body. He has also been able to confirm that the school did not have a licence to carry out the work and he says they will now have been told not to do anything else that might disturb them. He believes that the tractor has caused a partial collapse of the sett. This is the breeding season – therefore it is highly unlikely that a licence would have been granted for the clearance work. PLEASE – if anyone sees any badgers (dead or alive) in the Welsford/Rowland Avenue areas, post details here and we’ll pass it back to the badger people. Natural England are investigating, as it is possible the school may have committed an offence in disturbing and damaging a badger sett, and in carrying out work likely to do so without a licence. Details can be found here: BADGERTRUST.ORG.UK|BY LUKE ALDERTON

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