Successful demonstration

Demo 3We mounted a succesful demonstration on Tuesday outside the Passenger Shed at Temple Meads (City Hall is being refurbished) as a full meeting of Bristol City Council was being held. We also made 3  statements to the Council, raising awareness of our campaign amongst the Councillors: many of whom have confirmed their support for us. See gallery  for more pics.

Emma Collins gave the general context of our case and spoke from the heart about her feelings towards  the development.

After some confusion caused by the Lord Mayor changing the running order – and outspoken demands from our Ward Councillors that we be allowed to speak – Gareth Edwards gave a knowledgable summary of the key landscape and open space issues, followed by Chris Faulkner Gibson who made a plea for the protection of all designated green open space in Bristol.

You can read the statements here: Emma Collins 21 July Statement F1501870 , Gareth Edwards 21 July Council Meeting Heritage statement , Chris Faulkner Gibson Statement Green Open Space

You can watch the presentations here: and here

We will be demonstrating outside when the Planning Committee meetto decide this application and will publish details here and on Facebook as soon as they are known.

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Public Demonstration 21st July

Please come and join us for a peaceful expression of our determination to protect this and other threatened green open space.

We will be demonstrating outside the next full Bristol City Council , which is being held in The Passenger Shed at Temple Meads (as City Hall is being refurbished).

The main meeting starts at 6.00pm and Councillors tend to arrive around 5.00pm. However there is a ceremony appointing Aldermen that starts at 4.00pm and many Councillors are likely to attend.

We want as many people as we can muster to gather outside the Shed from 4.00pm onwards and then to go into the chamber for when we present statements to the meeting.

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